We're pleased to announce a brand new religious holiday: Universal Day. This November 3, 2020, we're encouraging all our South Dakota members to join us in observing the first annual celebration of this exciting new holiday! We believe that Universal Day truly is universal, and that there's no "correct" way to participate. South Dakota ministers can take a look at some ideas below, but if they're not appealing to you, please don't hesitate to create your own personal traditions. Whatever you do, just make sure that you uphold the ideals that embody Universal Day. Take a look below for some ways you can participate!

1. Become Ordained in South Dakota

The first step towards celebrating Universal Day is to become a member of the Universal Life Church Ministries by getting ordained! If you haven't already, take a few moments to fill out our online application. It's completely free and takes just a few moments of your time to finish. Click this link and you'll be on your way towards becoming a member of the ULCM:

2. Vote in South Dakota

Crazy Horse
South Dakota Hero, Crazy Horse

Voting is, by definition, used for change. By combining our collective voices together, we can materialize a more positive future simply by voting. That's why we believe that voting is one of the very best ways to participate in Universal Day.

If you're a registered South Dakota voter, you're eligible to receive an absentee ballot in your state. All you have to do is apply, but there is a cutoff date so you should do that soon. Remember: You need to mail in your ballot as soon as you're able to ensure that it gets counted this Universal Day!

Voter Registration Details

  • In-person Registration Deadline: 10/19/2020
  • Mail Registration Deadline: Received 10/19/2020
  • Online Registration Deadline: Not Available
  • Election-Day Registration: Not Allowed

Register to Vote

If you're not already registered to vote in South Dakota, you can follow the link below to get registered!

Taking Time Off Work

Voting in-person? Please make sure to listen to public health authorities like the CDC to ensure the safety of yourself and others. If you're working this Universal Day and fear you might not find the time to go cast your vote, please ask your employer about what accommodations they can provide you to go and perform your civic duty. Most employers are quite flexible. Should your employer resist allowing you the time to and vote, please know that you have rights. Laws regarding religious holidays and work exemptions are on the books. You might consider letting your employer know that you intend to observe a religious holiday, Universal Day, on November 3. Every vote counts, and it's important that you're able to cast yours! However you vote, make sure that you're voting for leaders who reflect the changes you'd like to see.

3. Write to Elected Officials

Casting your vote is just one of many ways we can enact positive change. Another means is to take that a step further, and contact those you've elected to represent you directly and make sure they know what's important to you. By phone, by email, or by letter - there are a number of ways you, as one of their constituents, can get in touch with them directly. Don't let them forget: they work for you. Their job is to enact the policies their constituents want to see. If they aren't doing so, you should let them know. We've even gathered their contact information together for you. Simply input your zip code into the database below and it will provide you the contact information for your representatives. This Universal Day, get in touch with them!

4. Meditate or Pray

We can't change the world unless we're of clear head and sound mind. This Universal Day, find inner clarity with meditation or prayer. Whatever it is that renews you spiritually, set aside some time to ensure that you're focused. Once you've done so, you might find the way forward to be clearer than ever before.

5. Help Build Community

It can't be said that we aren't in a very strange time in history. Great change is needed, but great change only comes when like minded people work together to achieve goals only dreamed of individually. This Universal Day, we're hopeful you'll consider getting out there (safely) in your local community and take the steps needed to make our world a better place. You can find similarly-minded people to join the good fight on social media! Consider reaching out to other members of the ULCM:

Now more than any time in history, the barrier to make your voice heard is lowest. With the internet, you can start online petitions or join movements with members all over the world. In-person, you can join protests or volunteer at organizations whose values align with yours. No matter how you do it, direct action is possible. This is hardly the full list of ways to get involved on Universal Day. However you enact change, just make sure to always fight for your ideals and morals.