Universal Day is the new official religious holiday of the Universal Life Church. This year on November 3rd, we want you to take part by marking this exciting occasion in DC! There are so many ways that you can enjoy and observe Universal Day. We have gathered our top suggestions for way to celebrate, but there is no right or wrong way! Use some of our ideas and combine them with any of your own to make a customized tradition. It is the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood that is at the core of this holiday. Here are some of the ways we are going to celebrate:

1. Become Ordained in the District of Columbia

The first step to celebrating with us is to join us! If you haven't already done so, signing up to get ordained is completely free and the application takes only a couple minutes. We have listed the link below:

2. Vote in the District of Columbia

Nannie Helen Burroughs
the District of Columbia Hero, Nannie Helen Burroughs

Participating in the democratic process is one of the most direct ways to make your voice heard, which makes it the perfect activity for Universal Day. That is why we encourage you to vote as a part of your Universal Day celebrations.

If you are a registered voter in DC, you can request an absentee ballot by filling out an application on the state government’s website. We've included a direct link below to save you some time. DC laws do not require voters to provide a reason for requesting an absentee ballot, but you should request it as soon as possible. There are also some key dates to remember that you'll find laid out on this page. One other important note to keep in mind: state election officials always recommend mailing your ballot as early as possible to account for any potential delays.

Voter Registration Details

  • In-person Registration Deadline: 10/13/2020
  • Mail Registration Deadline: Received 10/13/2020
  • Online Registration Deadline: Not Available
  • Election-Day Registration: Yes, In-Person

Register to Vote

In case you're not yet registered to vote, you can do so using the link below!

Taking Time Off Work

For in person voting, be sure to carefully follow all suggested safety protocols. Contact your HR department and find out if your employer provides reasonable accommodations to allow you to go vote either during an early voting period, or on election day. If your employer is not willing to make such accommodations, you can use the law to your advantage. Federal laws protecting the rights of people to observe religious holidays will cover you, when you advise them you will be observing Universal Day. Any way you cast your ballot, voting your convictions is one of the most important things you can do.

3. Write to Elected Officials

If you are interested on other great ways to participate in Universal Day, write a letter to your elected officials. Express your opinions on where you stand on issues, and where you think they could be doing a better job representing you. You your time on Universal Day to make sure they are upholding their promises. Be empowered to let them know about it! Write to your elected representatives using the contact information found below.

4. Meditate or Pray

Getting in touch with the spiritual side of yourself is a perfect way to celebrate Universal Day. Any higher power(s) you choose to speak to (even if it’s none at all ) can help refocus your energies on what is really important to you. Meditation, prayer, or just inner reflection can help you center yourself. There may be a lot of work to be done, but recharging spiritually and mentally makes us all more effective.

5. Help Build Community

Successful communities require individuals to work together for a common purpose. A single voice can be powerful, but the noise of a collective group is much harder to ignore. As part of your observance of Universal Day, consider taking on a larger role in your community. You can offer time and service to those in need, or band together with other like minded folks to demand change. A great way to get the ball rolling is to connect with your fellow ULC members on social media!

Direct action may take on any number of various forms. In the digital world, you can work with others by using online petitions to put pressure on legislators to enact better policies. If you are comfortable going out, consider abiding by public safety protocols while participating in protest efforts , or reach out to local organizations that may need volunteers. Whichever way you decide to observe Universal Day, we urge you to think of the foundational ideas behind the day and stand up for what you believe.