Mark your calendars! The Universal Life Church Ministries has formed a brand new holiday, Universal Day, and we're inviting all our Wyoming members to join us in celebrating on November 3. There are all sorts of ideas for how to celebrate – please review the guide below to learn about ways to observe this exciting occasion in your home state.

1. Become Ordained in Wyoming

Have you taken the opportunity to become ordained yet? In case you haven't, that’s step one! The Universal Life Church Ministries is proud to break down the barriers to ordination and provide a clear and simple path on our website for anyone who feels so-called. The application itself takes only a few minutes to fill out; if you're interested, just click the button below to begin the ordination process!

2. Vote in Wyoming

Esther Hobart Morris
Wyoming Hero, Esther Hobart Morris

As individuals, we may not always have the power to change the world directly, but we can elect leaders who are capable and willing to turn those visions of a better future into practice. Casting your ballot is the easiest way to make your voice and your demands heard by the powers that be. We recognize these are far from normal times, but as part of Universal Day, we'd encourage you to take part in the democratic process by voting.

As a registered Wyoming voter, know that you are eligible to receive an absentee ballot by completing the application linked below with your state. You should make that request ASAP. And don't forget to mail back your ballot in plenty of time for it to be counted on Universal Day!

Voter Registration Details

  • In-person Registration Deadline: 10/20/2020
  • Mail Registration Deadline: Postmarked 10/20/2020
  • Online Registration Deadline: Not Available
  • Election-Day Registration: Yes, as Absentee

Register to Vote

Haven't had a chance to register to vote? It may not be too late – click on the link here to get registered:

Taking Time Off Work

Although these are not ideal times to be voting in-person, public health experts have issued certain safety measures and guidelines that they're encouraging people to follow to stay healthy. On this Universal Day, please do keep those in mind if you’ll be casting a vote at a physical polling location. Employers are required to make certain accommodations to their employees – among them the ability to participate in the voting process. If you're not familiar with how that works, check with the HR department (or the equivalent in your workplace) to better understand how the policy is structured. If for whatever reason they choose to push back on your request for time off to vote, we would encourage you to remind them of the laws covering reasonable accommodations for religious holidays. As an official religious holiday, your employer ought to be flexible in allowing you to observe Universal Day on November 3. Regardless of who or what you vote for, here's a friendly reminder to make sure those choices are in-line with your vision and values and are made freely with a conscious mind and a caring heart.

3. Write to Elected Officials

The work doesn't end with voting! Once you've taken that basic step, consider other strategies for making your voice heard – like contacting your elected representatives. Establish a line of communication with these officials directly and let them know what policies you support to bring about positive change in the world. To make this process as simple as possible, we've created a database of contact information for elected officials. Just enter your zip code below to see who represents you and how to get in touch with them!

4. Meditate or Pray

Making your voice heard by others is obviously important, but don't forget the power of connecting with your inner self. Sometimes, setting aside time to re-energize your mind and organize your thoughts can be key to manifesting change in the outside world. Whether that activity takes the form of prayer, meditation, or a different preferred mental exercise – don't neglect the power of thought and reflection as helpful precursors to action. With so much work to be done, it’s imperative you take all possible measures to ensure success – and having your mind and body on the same page is not a step to be overlooked.

5. Help Build Community

As a member of the Universal Life Church Ministries, you have already demonstrated a propensity for leadership. We’re consistently inspired by the work that our ministers undertake in their communities, and it is our hope that Universal Day creates an additional platform from which to launch effective organizing and community-building efforts. We encourage you to connect with your fellow ULCM members to join forces and ensure that your voices are heard by those in power.

Individuals pushing for change can be a powerful force in and of itself, but by working together with others toward a common goal, you are guaranteed to increase the reach and effectiveness of your efforts.